Re-enactment groups in Nottingham.

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Re-enactment groups in Nottingham.

Post by Sibanu »

I'm soon to begin my first year studying Archaeology and Ancient history at the University of Nottingham and I've decided to look into re-enacting during my time in Nottingham. As my course covers a wide range of periods from prehistory to late medieval my interest range is equally wide and no specific period stands out to me as of yet more than others, so if there any societies which you think would appeal to me please let me know.

Re-enactment is new to me and I've never partaken in anything like this before so I have no prior expectations to look for, though I hope to find a dedicated and pleasant group to join. Thanks for any help!

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Re: Re-enactment groups in Nottingham.

Post by KedlestonCraig »

I would recommend attending this event which features:

• Copper Age man: Ancient Wisdom
• Romans and Britons: The Vicus
• C11th Normans: Conroi De Vey
• C12th-C13th Anglo-Normans: The Albini Household
• Medieval: Sir John Savile's Household and The Knights Hospitaller Association
• Civil War soldiers and camp followers: The Fairfax Battalia
• C18th: Highwaymen of Stand and Deliver and minstrel Trevor James
• WWI: Manchester Regiment, 1914-18
• WWII: The Lost Patrol, 1939-45 Allied Association and Virtue to Victory
• 1980s British army on exercise: Forces 80
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Re: Re-enactment groups in Nottingham.

Post by Bad Viking »

That is last years page -- is there another for this year ?
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Re: Re-enactment groups in Nottingham.

Post by James The Archer »

You could have a look at Wars of the Roses Federation Web site ... pages.html

or Livery & Maintenance site ... ILE=groups
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Re: Re-enactment groups in Nottingham.

Post by Aitken Drum »

Bad Viking wrote:That is last years page -- is there another for this year ?

'Sherwood Through the Ages' is confirmed for October 1st & 2nd - fingers crossed for great weather :) but cant seem to get onto the Eventplan website....

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Re: Re-enactment groups in Nottingham.

Post by nathan »

Conroi De Vey - Anglo-Saxon/Norman (with the occasional bit of viking thrown in for good measure) group based in Nottingham (monthly pub meets in the city centre), part of Regia Anglorum (so national shows) but active locally (at the event noted above for example). High authenticity (but in a nice way), relatively inexpensive period to get into if you haven't before.

Nice bunch, very welcoming to new members, can't reccomend them enough, still a member and I live in Canada!
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Re: Re-enactment groups in Nottingham.

Post by ForTheMarshal »

You have a group based in the university itself - ask for Pete, or drop me a PM for a telephone number/email address to speak with him
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