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What is W.A.R.S?

W.A.R.S stands for the Worldwide Alliance of ReenactorS. The society was formed back in 2002 initially as a single group, but now encompasses several member groups representing many theatres of operation from different timelines.

What are the advantages of W.A.R.S membership?

The primary reason for W.A.R.S becoming a society was public liability insurance (PLI). With the continued annual increases in the cost of PLI, W.A.R.S opened its membership to other groups as a means of reducing the overall cost of this essential service. Since then other benefits to W.A.R.S member groups are joint displays, shared resources, combined training events, risk assessments even overseas trips.
Membership of W.A.R.S is a complete hassle free environment, you can involve your group as little or as much as you decide.

What sort of cover is provided by W.A.R.S insurance?

The very best available. Our insurance covers standard third party, member to member, vehicles, battles and all aspects of our hobby.

What are the prerequisites for W.A.R.S membership?

W.A.R.S accepts applications for membership from any group not just WW2. This can be a large group or even a group as small as a single individual. All prospective member groups must agree to abide by W.A.R.S rules.

What rules govern W.A.R.S member groups?

Very few! W.A.R.S only impose a few rules which are a requisite for our insurance. Other than those, its business as usual for any group joining W.A.R.S. All W.A.R.S member groups retain their FULL AUTONOMY. We dont expect anything else from member groups. They can choose to involve themselves as little or as much as required. At our AGM each year, member groups are free to express any and all opinions, in a friendly open discussion
You wont find us a dictatorship!

As a member group of W.A.R.S, are we restricted in shows we can attend?

No, not at all. We at W.A.R.S believe in a complete hands off approach. Your group or society can attend any and all shows just as you did before becoming a member.
We occasionally do joint displays which member groups can join, but they arent compulsory! If you decide on becoming part of a joint display we are happy to book you into a show, if required.

Is W.A.R.S in competition with other societies?

No. W.A.R.S is a friendly society that does not consider the hobby to be competitive. All comparable societies give excellent service, and some even provide additional benefits. We believe very strongly however that W.A.R.S provides the best benefit with the least hassle to you and your members.

How do we become a member group of W.A.R.S?

Easy. Just email us at wars_info@yahoo.co.uk

So there you have it. W.A.R.S membership gives all the advantages, but no disadvantages.
Feel free to contact us for further information

WARS membership fees for 2011 will be as follows

Adult Single 18+ £10.00

Adult Couple 18+ £20.00 per couple

Children under 18 free

Family membership will be £10.00 per parent, under 18's free children 18 and over £5.00.

For example a family with two parents, two under 18's and one over 18 year old the membership will be £25.00.

WARS has even thought about our overseas friends.

If your an overseas group that is looking at attending events in the UK, then we at WARS maybe able to help you. For a payment of just £50 or 50 Euros you group no matter how big or small can join WARS so you can attend events be it winter private battles or public shows here in the UK and be covered by our excellent insurance.
Our Flag Is Going forward Too

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