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Georgian Home Guard

Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 10:11 am
by Paul B
Hi All

Here is a link to our new society

We are a bunch of 1980's re e enactors who have been brought back out of retirement to 'do somthing for tourism'.It is great fun,inexpensive and we have been joined by friends old and new.There are only a few but enjoyable events a year and we welcome all contact from all who would care to contact us.


Re: Georgian Home Guard

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:21 pm
by magog001
to commanding officer derbyshire loyal volunteers
As the only viable Fencible force avialable to horse gaurds
i herby activate your unit to service under the fencibles and miltia act on this day of our lord
and order you march south to assist in the defence of the dockyards and lines in chatham kent

any other militia, fencibles, yeomanry and stragglers you can sweep up as you march down to us would be appreciated

god save the king

yours sincerely Cedric Wasserman- horse gaurds


hello felt the need for the above in character appeal can i interest you in our new big international event in chatham kent

its called "the medway townships" battle of the nations event

the event is "without theatre" so any regiment fighting anywhere in the world between 1800-1815 is invited
for example there are american regiments from the war of 1812 as well as polish lancers from the invasion of russia
whe intend to make this event regular on all reenactors calendar

dates = friday 25th - sunday 27th of may 2012
location = fort amhurst, chatham, kent, england
accommodation = standard either bring own tent or in a sportshall
food = provided free
Powder = provided free
Traders = 10 so far and growing

all you have to do is arrive at fort amherst, with your uniforms, muskets and standard PLI
and whe provide the rest :)

here are various information websites about the event ... support-of

if your interested in coming please contact us

for regiments wishing to come contact
Stephen Seymour
for individuals wishing to come contact me
Elton Waters