Academy of Historical Fencing (1400-1900)

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Academy of Historical Fencing (1400-1900)

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A large historical fencing school that trains three times a week, all year round in South Wales and the South West of England. Our experienced instructors teach many weapon forms from the German, English and Italian traditions, from sword & buckler, longsword and spear & shield through to backsword, rapier, sabre and smallsword.

100+ active members
3 schools
2 instructors

Youtube videos


About us
Western Martial Artists and re-enactors are always welcome to hone their skills in our schools. Our instructors have 14 years experience in armoured and unarmoured combat and teach and compete in HEMA events throughout Europe. We have approximately 100 active members across three schools. Our current training locations include Newport and Bristol. Our membership includes re-enactors, boxers, sport fencers, Kendo practitioners and many other backgrounds.

We use both modern synthetic training swords and traditional blunted swords for our training. We are very much focused on the martial, competitive nature of fencing and therefore do not teach stage, choreographed or re-enactment fencing. The skills and technqiues that we teach however can be easily applied to displays to boost the variety and drama of a display.

Nick Thomas primarily teaches Italian rapier from Capo Ferro along with its companion weapons, including dagger , cloak and rotella. Nick has over a decades experience in historical fencing and has both a martial arts and re-enacment background. He has tought classes throughout Europe and fought in and won, many European open tournaments. Nick also teaches 19th century English sabre fencing, based upon the work of Hutton.

Michael Thomas teaches from the German school of fencing and specialises in longsword and messer combat, primarily from the works of Meyer and Lekuchner. He also teaches early cut'n'thrust rapier from Meyer and is currently working on using the fechtbucher to recreate the use of the zweihander.

We invite all Western Martial Artists and re-enactors to come and hone their skills with us.

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