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Wythe Retinue

Postby Langley » Mon Mar 15, 2010 7:02 pm

An English household during the Wars of the Roses.

We are a non-profit group, providing living history for the heritage, education and private sectors. Our historical re-enactments and educational presentations bring 15th Century social, military and political history to life.

Historical properties
Museum interpretation
School groups
Private and corporate functions
Indoor and outdoor events

From school visits, evening speakers or cookery demonstrations, to full-size living history events with artillery displays and visitor activities. From simply creating atmosphere, to more formal presentations, we tailor our events the specific needs of your visitors, students or guests.



We are a versatile group of re-enactors, with many years of experience gained through membership of various organisations, over a range of activities, stretching back to the early days of the movement to portray medieval life in accurate detail.

Broad repertoire of skills and presentation styles

High standard of historical accuracy

Extensive collection of clothing and objects


Complete events on our own, or with other groups

A family-friendly group with young members of our own

Experienced re-enactor associates join us regularly

Full public liability insurance

We do this because we love history, education and engaging with people.

We carry out in-depth research to maintain a very high standard of historical accuracy. We have an extensive collection of precise reproduction clothing and objects, which enables hands-on sessions and museum interpretation.

We encourage people to ask questions, try things on and pick things up, in order to provide a tangible experience of the 15th Century.


Aside from our living history presentations, members have participated in the recreation of battles such as Tewkesbury (1471), Bosworth (1485) and Oeselgem, Belgium (1452), and attended the Berkeley Joust since its inception.

Our group has a wide age range, including a number of children. This gives our events a family-friendly atmosphere, as well as allowing a broad portrayal of medieval life.

Experienced re-enactor associates join us regularly, and we can stage full events on our own, or work with other living history groups. All our members are volunteers.


We take Health & Safety very seriously, and will not compromise on this at any time. We have full public liability insurance, and members of the group are regular contributors to the Ordcon gunnery and explosives safety liaison conference.

Most of our events take place around the Midlands and South Wales, but we travel very widely and will give due consideration to any location.

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