Mercenary Bowmen of England & Wales

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Mercenary Bowmen of England & Wales

Postby glyndwr 50 » Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:20 pm

If you are looking for a circa 1400 Group of archers ,then look no further .We are a SouthWales based Reenactment & living History group .Age is no matter as long as you like living in period tents ( you don't have to own one )and like open fire cooking .Just as long as you like archery ,you don't even have to be a Robin hood .We do have the odd swordsman and practice when we all meet up at events ( its a good knock about but done in a safe manner at all times )We are not bound by endless rules just plain common sence.And that is all we look for in a person .Many of our members have seen a few summers but are still quite active LOL. Male or Female no matter just as come along and you will see for your self ,we are so laid back that if we lean back any more we will fall over .Theres no stricked dress rules as long as its in period great . The scruffer the better . We have many supporters of Owain Glyndwr and good king Richard 11.Many of us are Welsh rebels with no lords or masters .And some follow who ever is willing to pay for there sevices .We like our history period and its a hobby that we all enjoy .We are not interested in endless rules and regulations .Fun is the nature of our interest and fun is what we have .The only thing that we are stricked on is Health & saftey .Every thing else is just common sence .We do most major battles or events in England and Wales.So if you have never shot an arrow no matter if your interested in trying us out please contact Ben on 02920566775 for info ..anytime ..

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Re: Mercenary Bowmen of England & Wales

Postby teddybear » Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:07 am

i will be deufunt call in the number 2mw

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Re: Mercenary Bowmen of England & Wales

Postby Bittersweet » Sat Mar 06, 2010 6:51 am

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