16th Light Dragoons

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16th Light Dragoons

Postby Andy R » Thu Feb 18, 2010 1:21 pm


The 16th Light Dragoons is a new re-enactment cavalry unit in the UK depicting British Light Dragoons as they would have appeared during the Napoleonic wars.

The 16th was one of only 3 British Light cavalry regiments who fought constantly from 1809 through to Waterloo along with the 12th and 13th Light Dragoons. It is our aim to re-create the unit as it would have appeared during the closing stages of the Napoleonic wars. In time we would like to cover the early period as well, but one step at a time.

We are a small unit and 2009 will be our first season on the Napoleonic circuit. Drawn from experienced horsemen and women, it is our aim to demonstrate the light cavalry skills of the period while paying close attention to the drill and tactics of the time.

We are a family based unit, and are open to recruits from all backgrounds.

The 16th Light Dragoons is a member unit of the Napoleonic Association.


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