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The Napoleonic Association

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Founded over 30 years ago, the Napoleonic Association has remained true to its original objective of supporting people with a common interest in the period from the French revolution to the battle of Waterloo in 1815. Nearly 1000 members - Researchers, War Gamers and Re-enactors, meet regularly to bring to life the social and military activities of the period. This is the aptly named "Age of Elegance" of Jane Austen, and such heroes as Nelson, Moore, The Duke of Wellington and of course Napoleon Bonaparte himself.

The Napoleonic Association is a self-funding organisation whose members organise their own programme of events. The Re-enactment section brings to life the military living, tactics and battles of the period. The Research groups feed the endless interest in every aspect of the period and our War-gamers do in miniature what the re-enactors try to do for real! Throughout the summer months its members will take part in battle Re-enactments in the UK and throughout Europe. Regular overseas excursions see the Association join up with colleagues from all over the world.

Our events recreate, as far as possible, what life in the field was really like. The Association's British and French Infantry, Artillery and mounted Cavalry are ably supported by camp followers (the women and children of the armies) who give a very accurate portrayal of life, day and night under the canvas of a military encampment. Our living history encampments are enhanced by battle displays and skill at arms tournaments which demonstrate the uniforms, weapons and precision drill of this most colourful and dramatic period of history.

With the bicentennial events now in full swing, the NA is working with groups the world over to make these anniversaries truly memorable as we work our way towards the finale at Waterloo in 2015.

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