6mm riveted hauberk - recommendations where to get on ?

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6mm riveted hauberk - recommendations where to get on ?

Post by valen »

Hey, I'm looking for a fairly light, flat 6mm-ring riveted hauberk. It's for doing 11thC rich Norman/13thC Knights Hospitaller/15thC Irish gallowglass, so I'm not looking for something very period-perfect. It has to look well, and be light (the dome-riveted, round section one I wore at Hastings is waaay too heavy). I've made a riveted coif myself with Forth Armoury (and a small number of the heavier GDFB) flat 8mm rings, and it's a decent weight.

I saw a shortish one on a stall for around £600 at Hastings 2006, but don't remember which stall. Can anyone recommend a source they would trust ? If possible, I'd love to touch a sample before committing large quantities of cash, but a strong recommendation would do.


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Post by nathan »

I'm only aware of GDFB carrying anything in that ring size.

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