Where to find published images of some 16th-c. paintings?

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Where to find published images of some 16th-c. paintings?

Post by KarenM »

There are two paintings partially shown in the Tudor Tailor book that I would like to find larger versions or reproductions of: The Field of the Cloth of Gold and The Embarkation at Dover. Does anyone know whether these paintings have been published in other books?

Also, Ninya Mikhaila's website mentions 18th-century copies of the now-lost paintings of the Coronation of Edward VI from Cowdray House, Sussex, if I remember correctly. Does anyone know how to find images of these?

Thank you for any assistance.

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could I suggest that you send a private message or an e-mail to ninya??
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Try google images, seriously, a good place to start to track stuff down.

Cloth of gold pic is quite well known and certainly on a number of sites.
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Field of the Cloth of Gold -
I find pictures on the Web too fuzzy to use when looking for costume detail.
There's a one and a half page spread in a coffe table book called The Horizon Book of the Medieval World by Lucy Baldwin Smith. pub Paul Hamlyn. It seems to be pre ISBN number and must be out of print. But a secondhand book shop somewhere will have a copy.
Or track down which museum has the painting, ring up their shop, put on the I'm doing research act, and they should send you a poster (if you can match my charm you get stuff free :lol: :lol: :lol: )

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I have a feeling that the owner of the painting may be immune even to your charms, Annie. I think it belongs to the Queen!!


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