Surviving examples of startup shoes/boots?

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Surviving examples of startup shoes/boots?

Post by KarenM »

Hello, I'm in Maryland, USA. I'm trying to assemble a kit suitable for a countrywoman of the Scottish Borders in the 1540s. I'm interested in startup shoes or low boots, but I've had difficulties finding good images of them. They appear on many of the peasants in Breughel paintings but not in good detail. I understand that there are a number of surviving examples. One is pictured in the Tudor Tailor book, but I'd like to find images of other surviving examples, either on the Internet or published in a book, or perhaps available as a photo from a museum.

I have seen pictures of the reproductions made by Kevin Garlick and Pilgrim Shoes/Class Act Shoes, but I'd really like to see pictures of originals.

Thank you for any help. I will probably be posting other questions.

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Post by sally »

The museum of London has a lot of surviving shoes, have you asked them if they hold anything from your date range?

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Post by gregory23b »

Try the Mary Rose book, Before the Mast, has shoes in there from that time.
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