Mens' head dress

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Mens' head dress

Post by latheaxe »

Could anybody tell me if this style of headress that Henry IV is wearing was in use about 1350??.His lifetime spans from April 3, 1367 – March 20, 1413.Also would the object on it be a jewel or would this have been embroidery?
One final question is the construction..I take it is just a simple tube flopped over the head??


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Post by frances »

Hi, cannot help about the date off the top of my head, but the blob thing is a giant jewel which is held onto the fabric by embroidery around the edge. The gold line on the edge of the head-dress is a fancy braid and there are some little dingle-dangles hanging down; at this scale I cannot see whether they are little pearls or little metal discs.

Don't think that this could be a tube - how could it go in two directions at the same time? So it may well be a semi-circle with the straight edge sewn into a tube to go over the head and the curved edge covering the back of the head and pulled down over the ears. Hmm there is an awful lot of fabric in it. Try it out in a bit of torn-up modern clothing (well, no point in cutting up good fabric). You may find that there is a bit of additional fabric let in at one side - do you see how over his left ear it looks like there are two folds of fabric.

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Re: Mens' head dress

Post by Karen Larsdatter »

Another question, Marc -- how old is this particular version of the portrait? Check out ... ID=mp02141 for a few versions of the same portrait, dated to the late 16th century at the earliest. Could we be looking at copies-of-copies-of-copies, or perhaps copies of some other artist's imagined portrait, either of which may bear little or no semblance to what he'd have looked like or worn when he was alive?

Frances - I think this style of jewel/ornament is called an "ouch." :)

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Post by Drachelis »

To m e it looks a bit like a chaperon -with what would have been the liripipe on the right of the picture - ( put head through face hole of a hood) but it not rolled up and the hood falling full instead of a long slm tube.

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