A question about Coat of Plates

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A question about Coat of Plates

Post by tonw »

I'm familiar with some samples of coats of plates namely the wisby coat of plates pattern but I'm curious to know if the follow pictures from films have any reference to historic groundings for coats of plates


Chap on the left I forget his name

The armour under the surcoat

Ned Stark's armour
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Re: A question about Coat of Plates

Post by phil ainsley »

i can only speak about the 13th century which has the following 2 effigies that i know of,

the weinhausen monastery sleeping guard, heres a link to a chap that made a reconstruction of the armoured surcoat, theres an image of the effigy about half way down the page


and st maurice's armoured surcoat

http://www.themcs.org/armour/14th%20cen ... armour.htm

scroll down, hes listed at 1250

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Re: A question about Coat of Plates

Post by Biro »

The lack of overlap on the plates is the main thing making it essentially a non-functional piece of equipment. Thrusts will slide and find the gaps, as for cuts? well, they're generally worn over mail which already gives very good cutting protection anyway.

That Weinhausen effigy is the only one I know of without an overlap - and that was a very short-lived/transient style which (for very good reason) wasn't around for long.

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