15 & 16C Blankets

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15 & 16C Blankets

Post by Cecily »

I know this isn't exactly costume, but I couldn't find a fabrics/sewing slot elsewhere & thought that costume historians & seamstresses would know most about it! Please move it if you feel it ought to be somewhere else.
Does anyone have any evidence for what was done to the cut ends of blankets in the late Medieval & Tudor periods? I presume the sides would be selvedges & left alone, but although my living history blankets are well fulled they need something done at each end. The options I've thought of are: a) Blanket stitching with contrasting or matching wool. b) Turning over a small amount, hem-stitching it & maybe embroidering along the line. c) Binding with a thinner fabric, wool or otherwise. d) Making a fringe (I don't think this would be right though). It needs to be pretty sturdy as they get plenty of use/tugging!

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Re: 15 & 16C Blankets

Post by Naomij »

I dont know the correct answer I'm afraid but believe herringbone stitch has been used pretty early on for catching down thick fabric hems. Dunno if it would work for your purpose but it does look pretty!

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