Chainmail skirt?

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Chainmail skirt?

Post by DyiOnfire! »

Hi all.
Wasn't sure where to put this. A friend of mine is after a chainmail skirt?
Anyone know where she can pick one up on the cheap?
Any advice would be welcome.

Thx :devil:

Templar Knight
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Re: Chainmail skirt?

Post by Templar Knight »

is your best bet. Don't know about it being cheap or not as I don't know prices for any other ones however it is deffinatley worth the money and I am getting one soon as it is strong and light and looks good.
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Re: Chainmail skirt?

Post by Hobbitstomper »

If for re-enactment on the cheap (butted mail), ebay.
If for authentic re-enactment (riveted mail) , Capapie.
If for dressing up to alternative clubs or LARP (welded butchers mail),

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Re: Chainmail skirt?

Post by LoneKnight »

I know this is late but it just caught my eye.
I wanted a maille skirt so in my madness I bought a load of spring washers and made one, it took a while though but I love it.
I can make one in pretty colours or welded maille if your interested. :angel: hah more like :devil:


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