14tht / 15th Century Patterns

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14tht / 15th Century Patterns

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I was just wondering if anone on here knew of a good source of patterns for this period? I'm looking at making a pair of hose, a shirt and possibly a padded jack. If anyone's got any info that'd be great :-)

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Post by hamster »

medieval or tudor taylor books or period patterns &reconstructing history

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There aren't really patterns for most of the late medieval stuff as it is supposed to fit really closely. I recomend the Medieval Tailor's Assistant as it is written specifically to help you make your own medieval kit. However, a word or warning, some of the stuff in the book isn't that easy to get your head around. If you know some-one with a bit of experience, you'll appreciate their help.

Make a padded jack (not in the book) like an unpleated coat or loose doublet (depending on the period/style). Allow plenty of room for your doublet inside it and remember that the quilting makes it smaller than it started.

Good luck.

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Post by Paul8v »

Thanks, I'll check those out :D
going to be busy with the sewing machine/handstitching 8)

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Post by gallois »

http://www.costumes.org/history/100page ... alinks.htm

You should be able to find everything you need here....I did!
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The hard part is actually finding out what applies in England as we lost so many contemporary images during the iconoclasm and many images, being foreign, do not really apply.

The Costumier's Manifesto is brilliant if you know what you are looking for and can identify the differences between european and english fashions of the period - (and between well-researched and well-meant articles). After all, the english lagged v-er-y far behind nothern Europe at some points, and even picked our influences differently to the Scots.

Assuming the enquirer is a starter, I too would recommend the Medieval Tailor's Assistant for initial kit, then get some understanding under your belt and then move on to the Costumier's Manifesto, unless you have a guide.

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