For the knitters.... Ravelry, anyone?

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For the knitters.... Ravelry, anyone?

Post by ViscontesseD'Asbeau »

Just wondering if anyone's on Ravelry?

I'm on the waiting list - must have been the last person on earth to hear about it as it seems all the knitters I know are already on!

If you're on there, what's it like and do you use it much?

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JC Milwr
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Post by JC Milwr »

yup, I'm heraldis on there :)
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Post by sally »

I love it, a very useful way to compare patterns and yarns, and I've had some good conversations and some even better swaps :D

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Post by Sophia »

Me too - mainly just looked around to date. Found a good local wool shop through it.

Soph :D
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Post by Kajte »

Yes im a member and love it!!!

Very handy if you get stuck with anything, as there is nearly always someone with a solution or explanation!!!

I joined the waiting list and thought i would have to wait for ever, but got invited to join surprisingly quickly!

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