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G G Godwin Order

Post by Sticks66 »

Hi guys

I ordered some bits off G G Godwin in the states, a few months ago, but my package still hasn't arrived.

Now, this isnt a dig at Drew or the company as they have been very helpful, but just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how did they solve it?

Thanks, Jon

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Post by Born 2 Late »

Not used this company but can say that postage from the states can take some time. Mainly in OUR! customs warehouses. Very frustrating.

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Post by Tuppence »

In my experience of ordering stuff from the states, it either gets through straight away, or takes an absolute age - seems to be no middle ground.
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Post by Eve »

Did G.G. have the stuff in stock when you ordered it? They have it made in quantity by a firm that makes non-re enactor goods as a main product, so the re-enactor things have to wait until the firm aren't busy with other things.
If G.G. have what you want in stock then they send it out very quickly, otherwise it can take a long time. We've only ever ordered from them after checking what we want is in stock. They're very helpful if you phone.


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Post by Tod »

I use them all the time and the delivery varies. Have you checked it has left? Did they give you a tracking number?
It may be at the post office or parcel force depo. waitiung for you to pay the import duty VAT etc. Go and visit them.
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Post by Colin Middleton »

I've had a similar problem with Angus International . It took about a month from them sending it to it arriving. I think our customs is to blame for the delay too.


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