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Leather warning

Post by Tod »

I think this is true of most groups.
If you buy fabric, you make sure it's wool, linen etc. and it looks like a natural dyed colour. You wouldn't consider poly cotton or nylon because you want kit to be right, or as close as you can be with what is availiable.

So why do people buy plastic coated shoe leathers, chrome tanned leather, bright colours for things that weren't, and thin suede for some thing that's meant to be 1/4" thick buff?

Now more authentic leather is availible so there is no reason not to buy it. Yes it does cost more but wool costs more that polyester. I don't think every one should rush off and buy mega bucks oak bark tanned hide, but I seriously wonder why leather isn't considered in the same way as cloth.

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Post by WorkMonkey »

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Post by Steve Stocker »

I think cost accounts for most purchase decisions.
I stock full-weight buff but sell very little, interest is high until price is mentioned. For one of my full buff-coats, the cost of hide equals the cost of manufacture.
Nobody buys chrome hide from me without knowing it, so I'm not sure ignorance explains it either. My 'light-weight' buff coats are popular because they look OK ( butt-stitched etc) but are easier to wear and cost £200 less than full-weight.
There are those people who buy hide without asking for advice of course....
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