Leather whitening

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Leather whitening

Post by Sticks66 »

Hey guys,

whats the best, fairly easily sourceable product to whiten leather (ie. napoleonic cross straps, musket slings etc.)

ive heard there are two shoe whiteners but one rubs off and the other doesnt, and im not sure which is which!

thanks, Jonathan

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Post by frances »

Try posting this query on the Victorian or 20th century forums. I have watched WW I or II people whitening their bits and pieces. They will be able to tell you.

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Post by Phil the Grips »

Tennis shoe whitener- available in most shoe shops and used by a lot of groups (and some Amy regiments apparently) as blanko is slowly dissapearing. It comes in a handy wipe on/off sponge applicator thingy.
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Post by valen »

Stale urine of course.

Most reenactors will tell you it can be used for anything from toughening soft hands to mordanting.

If it's stale enough, there will be enough ammonia in it to whiten leather.


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