1715 The Great Jacobite Rebellion

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1715 The Great Jacobite Rebellion

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1715 The Great Jacobite Rebellion
Daniel Szechi
ISBN 0-300-11100-2

Published earlier this year this book neatly balances the requirements of academic and popular history. It covers the '15 in the kind of depth and detail that is usually reserved for the '45. Rather than a purely military account of the rebellion it delves into the background of Scottish and English society at this time and how various factors such as religion and the Union contributed to the rebellion.
At approximately 250 pages its not a dauntingly thick book. Overall it reads well although it occassional descends into verbiosity and does also commit one of my personal worst book misdemeanors, the use of foreign language quotations without an accompanying translation!
This book gives an excellent description of the various groups and factions that contributed to the rebellion and certainly shows that the Jacobite rebellions were never just a Scottish versus English conflict.
With 9 years to go till the 300th Anniversary is it time to start planning to raise the Northumbrian Jacobites at Warkworth Castle or fight over the barricades in the streets of Preston.

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Thanks for the review, Mark. Exactly what I was looking for. Have ordered it straight away.

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