Wars of the Roses from "The War File"

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Marcus Woodhouse
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Wars of the Roses from "The War File"

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Wars of the Rose:Blood, Treachery And Cold Steel. 55 mins long from the Cromwell Productions/History Zone stable. I was in the ECWS when this company approached the Fairfax Battalia to make a series about the English Civil Wars and this is in the same league. Lots of really bad acting and scenes shown over and over again to pad it out. Brian Blessed working his tits off to try and make the narration as dramatic as he can, and an expert (in this case Dr. David Chandler) who always looks vaguely embarressed to be ther. Watch it and wince at the lack of safty features on show. Marvel at how many common soldiers dress in Gothic armour in the 1450's. Watch the smiles of happy reenactors being paid to batter the Hell out of each other.

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Jim Smith
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Yep, watched this gem some time ago together with someone who's been on the circuit for the past 15 years. Apparently there are a large number of 'names' and famous faces on the vid. One I did recognise was Chris Franklin, a member of a previous group I was in but who now seems to have dropped out of the WotR scene.
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