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Pirates in Their Own Words

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At long last! The hardback edition of Pirates in Their Own Words is now available! 407 pages of original pirate testimonies, letters, witness accounts and other documents, mostly being published for the first time. Paperback edition on its way, hardback available here:http://www.lulu.com/shop/et-fox/pirates ... 00684.html


1. Samuel Burgess
2. William Phillips
3. John Sparks
4. David Evans
5. Thomas Joy
6. Richard Sievers
7. James Kelly on two decades at sea
8. Theophilus Turner
9. John Brent
10. Thomas Bagley
11. Michael Hicks
12. Richard Roper
13. John Barrett
14. The Will of Joseph Jones
15. A Matelotage Agreement
16. John Brown
17. Robert Collover writes to a shipmate’s widow
18. A Pirate Reference
19. Dear British Apollo
20. Thomas Nichols and Francis Leslie surrender
21. The Whydah survivors tell their stories
22. David Herriot and Ignatius Pell on Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet
23. Bartholomew Roberts writes
24. Walter Kennedy’s deposition
25. Walter Kennedy’s views on the pirate life
26. James Bradshaw
27. Richard Luntly
28. The petition of John Massey and George Lowther
29. William Ingram
30. Alexander Thompson
31. Philip Roche
32. Thomas Lawrence Jones
33. James Williams
34. John Smith, alias John Gow
35. Robert Reid

Forced Men
36. Philip Middleton
37. Henry Watson
38. John Ireland
39. Richard Appleton and others
40. Henry Hunt
41. John Matthews
42. Bridstock Weaver
43. Henry Treehill
44. Richard Moor
45. Edward Evans
46. William Whelks
47. John Fillmore’s narrative
48. Nicholas Simmons

Pirates’ Victims
49. Mutiny on the ship Adventure
50. Israel Pippany and Peter Freeland
51. George Weoley
52. Edward North
53. Thomas Grant
54. Edward Green
55. Captain Mackra’s ship taken by Edward England
56. Richard Lazenby, a prisoner of John Taylor
57. Jacob du Bucquoy describes life in the company of John Taylor
58. Andrew Kingston taken by Bartholomew Roberts
59. Richard Hawkins’ account of his capture by Francis Spriggs

60. Trial of Aaron Gibbens and William Bournal
61. Trial of Bridstock Weaver and William Ingram
62. Trial of Nicholas Simmons et al.

Miscellaneous Documents
63. Adam Baldridge
64. The battle between the Dorrill and the Mocha
65. A pirate’s widow seeks her inheritance
66. A letter to a pirate
67. Prices of pirate supplies
68. John Vickers and the arrival of the pirates at New Providence
69. Pirates surrender to Captain Pearse
70. Certificate of Pardon
71. Inventory of a pirate sloop
72. The end of Blackbeard
73. Captain Davis on the African Coast
74. Lists of ships taken by pirates
75. The end of Bartholomew Roberts
76. Inventory of goods in the possession of Pierce and Andrew Cullen
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