Hitler's War by Harry Turtledove

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Marcus Woodhouse
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Hitler's War by Harry Turtledove

Post by Marcus Woodhouse »

(Which is a really nice name by the way).
ISBN 978-0-340-92182-1 Hodder Books, 2010.
An alternative historical fiction which starts with the premise that a Czech assasination of the Sudeten German leader, Konrad Heinlein sparks off WW2 in October 1938 (rather than Sept 1939) with Germany invading Czechslovakia (Poland becoming an ally of Nazi Germany), and France and Britain launching a counter invasion of the Reich (which stalls into a Phoney War situation). Meanwhile the Spanish Civil War acvtive Italian support on the Nationalist side leads to a attempt to size Gibralter, while on the other side of the world Japanese forces invade Manchuria and push towards Siberia.
I enjoyed the technical details and the problems faced by the combatents, alternating between men on both sides of the Spanish Civil War, German combatents (a U-Boat commander, the pilot of a Ju 87 and the crew of a Pzkfw 2), a member of the BEF who was a vetren of WW1, a Soviet SU2 crew who are as fearful of Stalin's army purges as they are of the enemy, two surviors of the Czech invasion (a soldier who manages to join the French army and a American woman who becomes trapped in Germany and is witness to the treatment of Jews), a young Jewish girl whose family are fleeing Germany, a Japanese conscript and a US Marine who is part of the Embassy garrison on Peking and thus a witness to how the Japanese are behaving towards Chinese citizens and is increasingly aware of the precarious postion he and his men are in as the Japanese and US wage a war of words.
Like other novels that work in this way (the Game of Thrones springs to mind) you do need to have a bit of a encycleapedic memory to keep on top of the action as time does not move at the same speed for each of the characters. Quite pacey and mercifully low on cliche. Sets up well for the inevitable sequal.

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Re: Hitler's War by Harry Turtledove

Post by Martin »

have you read The Guns of the South ? a great book and then there is alternative WW2 book when aliens invade in 1944 so everyone has to join up and fight back, very good premise and not as cheesy as it sounds, very very dark in places, some of the best fiction Ive ever read has been by him :)
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steve stanley
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Re: Hitler's War by Harry Turtledove

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Read all his stuff..."How few remain" is my favourite about the ACW of the 1880's........
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Re: Hitler's War by Harry Turtledove

Post by gregory23b »

Yep, good book.

Nice all in one book story.

Love his other series though.
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Re: Hitler's War by Harry Turtledove

Post by Nigel »

et matey there ar e2 more and another writing
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Re: Hitler's War by Harry Turtledove

Post by ForTheMarshal »

"The Two Georges" and "Ruled Brittannia" also by Turtledove are worth a look.

Guns of the South remains his best though.
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Re: Hitler's War by Harry Turtledove

Post by hobbitomm »

Got to say, never been hugely impressed by Turtledove as an Alternative History writer- he has something of a tendency to use (in the words of the Late, Great, Alison Brooks) Alien Space Bats to achieve all sorts of improbable results, with a near total lack of interest in logistics, plausibility, or.... well.... pretty much anything else!

One example of this is that Turtledove did a whole book based on 'Sealion' having succeeded. Well.... here's a critique (again by Alison Brooks)!

http://www.changingthetimes.net/samples ... option.htm

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