Napoleon: Warriors

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Napoleon: Warriors

Post by Chaucers Closet »

On the History channel now,
"Series examining the ambition, genius and courage that made histories most famous warriors stand above the rest."

looks quite promising, this one covering the early years of Napoleon's rise through the ranks. Something I've not seen covered much before. I admit it's not my era but it looks right.

(As a bonus its got a few "faces" in and is interesting to see them in roles the don't usually play. Rob Brydon for one.)

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Re: Napoleon: Warriors

Post by Fliptop »

who's Napoleon was that?

correct me if I'm wrong, the Napoleon that your are talking about is Napoleon Bonaparte?

A military and political leader of France and Emperor of the French.

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Re: Napoleon: Warriors

Post by Redders »

The series that shows his sister in nowt but a Tricolour!!!!
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