Women in England 1500-1760: A Social History

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Women in England 1500-1760: A Social History

Postby Annis » Fri Sep 11, 2009 12:13 pm

By Anne Laurence. (I don't think anyone has posted this before, well certainly not in last 3 pages in this category)

One of the many books I got in a box for Christmas, which I got round to reading earlier in the summer as I have a module coming up on 'Gender since 1500'.

Topic covers everything from education to political action with some child birth in between. A general overview of women, but does quote specific women at times.
The book is relatively small in comparison to the time period she is covering, I feel as if she could have gone into slightly more detail on some of the subjects. But overall a good book and interesting read to fill yourself with more knowledge.

A little weird reading about Lady Anne Clifford the night before I went to Skipton Castle...

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