Richard III - The Maligned King - Annette Carson

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Richard III - The Maligned King - Annette Carson

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Just taken delivery of this and and I'm already impressed. Books about Richard seem to fall into one of two categories:

1. Saint Richard
2. Evil child murdering hunchbank

Or like Paul Murray Kendall make the mistake of writing as if they (the author) were actual eye-witnesses.

So far Annette Carson seems to be aiming for the middle ground, presenting Richard as no better and definitely no worse than his contemporaries.

This is one the traditionalists will have trouble refuting. Will report back with a full review soon. It seems a balanced work so far and Dr Carson is not doing her own version of Alison Weir (I hate Richard so much I'm going to ignore everything that doesn't fit my theory)
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Keep us informed omae.

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