To battle

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To battle

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To Battle

Standing bold with mighty swords a gleaming
Clasped tightly within frostbitten fingers
Knuckles clenched white, legs firmly set on sodden ground
With eyes wide open, glaring straight ahead
Deep breaths .. exhaling from stern lungs
Lips taut, torn away from teeth clenched
Dark tarnished armor lying upon rough woven threads..
Masking skin .. grained with dirt and sweat

Each one chanting in unison as brothers of the sword
Then a step – a stride – a run
Feet thundering upon the earth – to victory ahead
To answer to no one on a stampede with no mercy
Contact – swords clashing, steel fusing, sparks dancing on ignition
The roars of defiance – the battle cry
Confrontation, deep aggression, blood spilling on the slaughter ground
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Re: To battle

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I like living on the edge, it gives a great view over the world!

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Re: To battle

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very good, read it while listening to a Manowar song, complimented each other nicely.
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