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Durham Lion

Post by Joolz »

Here's my tribute to what I consider to be the best mediaeval Cathedral in the country (if not the World!). (Well, I am a little biased - I lived within spitting distance of it for most of my childhood and even now, it's just a few miles away from my home!)

It's based on the Sanctuary Knocker and, like all my other tiles, it's an inlaid 'encaustic' tile. Except it's a lot bigger (10" dia.).

Okay, Okay - I know inlaid tiles didn't come to England until 100 years after Durham Cathedral was built, but the Knocker is contemporary with them.

And if the Bishop of Durham is looking for someone to tile his cathedral, well, I'm just up the road!!
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Post by oakenshield »

that looks rather nice :)

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Post by Tuppence »

looks very nice indeed!

oh, and you're not biased on durham cathedral at all!!*

*of course being from near newcastle, and newcastle cathedral being nothing to write home about, I might be a wee tad bised myself :wink: )
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