Intrested in reenacting - Easter

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Intrested in reenacting - Easter

Post by Pete1975 »


I am interested in reenacting medieval and wondered if there were any events going on over Easter. I will be in the midlands but happy to travel. I would like to be able to chat to reenactors and look at equipment at markets.

Anything going on?

Many Thanks


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Post by Billman »

There will be a big Livery & Maintenance event at Warwick Castle. There will be plenty of re-enactors to chat to and equipment to look at but there won’t be anybody trading. Livery & Maintenance are an umbrella group for various C15th (Wars of the Roses) groups

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Post by Fillionous »

Over the Easter bank holiday the MSS will be at Heddingham castle. There should be a few traders, plus the usual mix of living history, demos of weapons armour, fighting styles, falconer, archery competition and skermishes and battle.

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Post by Jenn »

why not go along to the The Orginal re-enactors Market - google it you'll get all details of exactly where it is . I am not being unhelpful I just don't drive and consequently am rubbish at giving directions to people who do ( but not far from Coventry is about as good as I get )next weekend and meet up with some medieval types there as well and then go and look at the re-enactments as well?

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Post by Nigel »

Conquest are on pilrimage (don't laugh we are doing a religious show) if you fancy something earlier c 12th century

Its up in Yorkshire so if you fancy extreme reeancting :D
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Post by Tuppence »

the market is at ryton on dunsmore -

conquest's site is at
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Post by davetmoneyer »

Hi there will be a multi period show with traders at West Stow Saxon Village
nr Bury St Edmunds Easter Sunday and Monday
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Post by Marcus Woodhouse »

The Black Maunch and others will be reenacting the "Battle" of Derby (more of a big skirmish really but so was St.Albans 1 and no-one calls that a fisticuff) near Derby, funny enough. Go to re-enactors wanted for more information.

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