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The short hello and the long goodbye

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 4:20 pm
by Hog Trotters
Hello all,
its hog trotters signing in for the last time,
due to a massive loss of earnings and problems to long and droll to talk about now it is,with great sadness, time to say goodbye to the medieval catering from Hog Trotters Medieval Independent Caterers. :cry: :(

It is also time to put all of our equipment up for sale. so we are posting this list for anyone who may be interested in purchasing any or all of these items.

So here it is;1 set of colour coaded chopping boards with stainless steel rack £15.00
3 boiling pots (11.4ltr, 15.1ltr & 22.7ltr) £35.00
selection of utencils (incl ladles tongs & spoons) £7.00
tea and coffee thermos pots (2tea & 2coffee) £20.00
3 insulated cooler boxs ( 4 by 1/1gn capacity) £170.00
or £60.00 each
3 flat pack stainless steel tables (1500by650) £300.00
or £100.00 each
2 LPG stock pot stands with probane gas regulator and pipe
fitted £300.00 or £150.00 each
LPG 27lte water boiler with probane gas regulator and pipe
fitted £90.00
LPG griddle (only had one use)750by600 with probane gas
regulator and pipe fitted £370.00
Electric 4 pot Bain-Marie £150.00
Generator (850w) £300.00
Small Hotpiont first edition fridge (220-240v)£35.00 (would run of the generator)

we also have to sell the van which is a Ford Transit High Top, 2000 model,
X reg, deisel, done around 19770 miles and if taxed and M.O.Ted till November. £2500.00

All the prices given are open to sensible offers.

Hopfully someone out there needs some of this, if not you please print this off and give it to a friend who might.

you can contact us about these sales either through this site or on 07798502231 or 07876033804, by e-mailing Kat& or write to 10 elkins road, wymondham, norfolk nr18 olf

Finaly i would like to say thankyou all for trying to support us you are good friends and we will see you all again as members of the annoying public asking "whats that then!, did they have that in them days! :lol: :) )

love ya all,
sorry you'll have to go back to the burger vans
Kat & Bill formally known as Hog Trotters Medieval Independent Caterers

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 4:26 pm
by Skevmeister
Sorry to hear you've had such problems. Good luck with the future.