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Pilgrimage from Southampton to Canterbury

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:22 pm
by The Peddler
Hi all, Peddler here.

I am looking to embark on a project this winter. In short, I want to walk the ancient pilgrimage route from Southampton, via Bishops Waltham, to Canterbury, but in medieval kit, circa 14 th century.
I am aiming to get to Canterbury Cathedral on Christmas day.
This is in preparation for a bigger project next year.

My question is this........I am going to need some pretty robust gear as I will be sleeping out the whole way a la 14th century.
I am looking for the right gear and so need advice on manufacturers whose stuff is up to the job and will stand the test for things like boots, cloaks, backpack, walking stick, hat, hood etc.
I have walked many a long distance path in my time, but never in medieval kit, so the sorts of things that would help would be thoughts on things like:
Boots vs shoes?
Oiled leather cloak vs waxed woollen cloak?
Clogs vs pattens?
Hat vs Hood?
Wicker backpack vs oiled canvas shoulder bag?
Plus any good resources you've come across on pilgrimages, pilgrims and especially their equipment.

Thanks for any help.......