Sword makers

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Sword makers

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apart from all the obvious top quality sword makers in the uk - Binns /Albion/ArmourClass/Weiland - is there any other sword makers about in the UK making swords for reenactment / full contact -- I want to spend my dosh in the uk rather than it go abroad -- would be looking at an order of 4 swords initially --- and info would be excellent !
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Re: Sword makers

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Missing out that list are Tim Noyes at Heron, Paul McDonald and JG Elmslie
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Re: Sword makers

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Mark Griffin wrote:Missing out that list are Tim Noyes at Heron, Paul McDonald and JG Elmslie
I've not heard that Paul has been making full contact type blades. He makes nice stuff but it didn't used to be fully tempered, and thus I wouldn't reccomend it for much fighting.

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