News of Change of Dates for NLHF

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News of Change of Dates for NLHF

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This is the text of the e-mail I have this morning sent out to NLHF Traders.


I’m afraid I have some bad news.

Due to a complete mix-up not of my making, we can’t stage the March NLHF at Onley Grounds, and despite making considerable efforts to find an alternative venue which could accommodate our now considerable requirements and which was remotely affordable or suitable, I can’t find an alternative.

The problem arises from the lead-time that horse-related events affiliated to the various national associations and so on require and the issues over knowing exactly when TORM will be staged, so in order going forward that this can never be an issue again, I have taken the decision to have our own fixed dates in the calendar, and ignore TORM. We are now big enough to be a huge draw in our own right, we are both by metres and number of traders the largest UK market for re-enactors, and we have the inestimable advantage of FREE ADMISSION. And the Bruntingthorpe market has for whatever reason changed it’s dates, leaving my original NLHF dates available to us, so you might say that in some respects we are “going home” to the last weekend in October and the last weekend in February each year, starting October 25th & 26th 2014.

One good thing that this does is it means that traders who otherwise could not come and join us because of their commitment to TORM can now consider whether they would like to trade at the National Living History Fayre as well – so we could welcome back several old friends!

Bookings and re-bookings for March will be carried over to October 25th & 26th, and there will be no price increases for those traders in either this year or next, as a token of appreciation and in apology for the disruption.

On the plus side, by October the building work should (all things being well!) have been completed, providing us with improved facilities at Onley Grounds, including a new cafeteria and a restaurant, more toilets, and a farm shop. Planning consent for the new road has been acquired, and although I understand that the excessively wet weather needs to improve before that can be made, it should be done for October, fingers crossed.

Please bear with me on this, it is not something I wanted to happen or that I am pleased about, it has caused me considerable trouble to try and find a way around, and I have now to believe in the decisions that I have taken and get on with making them work. Your ongoing support is obviously of primary importance in this, and I am so glad that you are re-enactment and LARP traders and not Antiques Dealers!

Best wishes – and apologies

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