Two Wheel Medieval Hand Cart

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Two Wheel Medieval Hand Cart

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Rejecting the dog cart and market barrow solutions, and after years of trying, I have finally made a two-wheel hand cart suitable to pull around as a trader at events. It's light enough to negotiate small slopes even when loaded up with all of my trading stuff (weapons, bowls. goblets, jewellery, leatherwork etc) and means I can go where the crowds are rather than being stuck next to the loos at the back end of the trading field. At night I cover it up with a pegged-down canvas and sleep underneath (really getting in to the authentic lifestyle thing).
Now I need the medieval equivalent of a 'stop me and buy one' sign.....any ideas?
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Re: Two Wheel Medieval Hand Cart

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Looks good
I would suggest that you add removeable hoops (like in a covered wagon).
It would give you extra exhibition space and room to hang the sign.
And the sign should be?
A huge version of one of your products but be prepared for someone to buy it off you!!

You many find that some events have restrictions on peddlers since you may get complaints from static traders if you are doing the crowds.
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