rain and events last weekend 4 and 5th aug

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rain and events last weekend 4 and 5th aug

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I noticed at midfest that there were many regulars not there and with traders in need of events to trade at after the monsoon of a summer we just had I wondered how many other events were on and how they coped with the rain.
we had a few heavy showers at midfest but it did not dampen things down around the forge and all of the rest of the event went ahead.
it did help being on top of high ground rather than in a lake as some venues turned into this summer.
so where were you and how did you do?

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Re: rain and events last weekend 4 and 5th aug

Post by acecat999 »

damyns hall
military and flying machines (well the olympics grounded everything but the BBMF)

saturday morning at 3am - dryish when we got up
on sunday the heavens opened and some bit were under 2 inchs of water

its on an airfield so drainage is excellant except where the tanks drove - so they stopped the tanks driving (simple)

i don't think anyone considered cancelling for a second
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Re: rain and events last weekend 4 and 5th aug

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We were at Lincoln Castle "Festival of History" mulitperiod. We had afternoon rain both days, including thunder, but it only really affected the Saturday afternoon performances, and we got away on Sunday with dry(ish) tents in the end.
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Re: rain and events last weekend 4 and 5th aug

Post by Maureen »

Loxwood Joust, E. Sussex. Showers on Saturday led to much churning up of mud across parts of the site. Entrance roads not great but just about passable I think. Don't know what hte public car park area was like, didn't see it. Sunday morning 10am, show called off after much heavy rain from about 6am.
We were paddling around in half an inch of water inside the tent, outside just as bad, worse in places, lots of standing water. I think that in the end every vehicle had to be towed off site by tractor, one large double-axled horsebox requiring two tractors to get it out I believe.
Being towed for several hundred yards, through deep mud by a large tractor, and not knowing where the sides of the track were was a fairly scary experience and not one I'd like to have to repeat (unless absolutely necessary).
Still removing mud from kit..........but at least the tent was almost dry by the time we took it down - yes, the sun came out not long after the cancellation announcement was made, so nothing got any wetter than it already was thank goodness.

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Re: rain and events last weekend 4 and 5th aug

Post by Martin »

I know there are quite a few traders we wont see trading on the circuit again unfortunately, they have simply gone out of business, the same is happening in the festival markets and food shows we do, in fact, if we hadn't had 2 consecutive very good shows we would be out of business now, having lost over 50% of our shows in a 2 month period, still, onwards and upwards
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Re: rain and events last weekend 4 and 5th aug

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Let's face it there were lots of events rained off this year, Kelmarsh, Loxwood (day 2), IOW festival, You're History (Day 2), Yorkshire County Show, Badminton Horse Trials...some of these were big multi-million pound events so I don't think we can blame the organisers, and i'm sure they'll be thinking ahead for 2013 in terms of ground drainage, site pitching etc. I've heard from about a dozen traders who are worried that they may have to stop as a result of a very poor year, but there will be plenty more who keep calm and carry on, after all this weather can't last forever......can it?
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