Has trading spoiled your reenacting?

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Has trading spoiled your reenacting?

Post by musket »

Just something I have been thinking about lately. Has becoming a trader impacted on your enjoyment of being a reenactor? Has it just become a job rather than a hobby, or do you still find time to do both?

Miss Costello
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Re: Has trading spoiled your reenacting?

Post by Miss Costello »

Trading has certainly made me appreciate traders more...I can't believe how rude some customers are!


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lucy the tudor
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Re: Has trading spoiled your reenacting?

Post by lucy the tudor »

We don't find as much time to do both, but we know more people now, and enjoy the Muddy circuit, whereas before we were just going to Kentwell.
The kids and I, that is, Tim was a Viking and knew lots of people, and he says Yes it has, not completely but he is missing what he used to do.
Both are fun really, most customers are lovely and understand what we do, and why we do it.
Lets face it, we wouldn't be trading in this game if our aim was to get rich.
I really like making things, and if people like them enough to buy them that makes me chuffed.

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steven pole
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Re: Has trading spoiled your reenacting?

Post by steven pole »

Hmm. I enjoy leatherwork as a hobby that pays for itself. I started by making 15th century kit that I couldn't afford to buy, the rest is history.

Graham Cooley
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Re: Has trading spoiled your reenacting?

Post by Graham Cooley »

We try not to let it get in the way by limiting how many events we trade at. So this year we are trading at 5 events over 12 months. Events where we have tried to be trader and reenactor usually dont work and we end up missing part of the show and it is very hard work.tryign to be in two places at once. Hence we either trade or take part in the event as a reenactor but not both.

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Graham Ashford
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Re: Has trading spoiled your reenacting?

Post by Graham Ashford »

I agree with Graham (not just because of the name :D ).

Trying to be in two places at once is very difficult. I'm lucky in the sense that I trade full time, but when I started I tried to do trading at events and reenct at events and found it almost impossible to do the two together. What I have found happen instead is folk ask me who makes my kit when I am reenacting and then I can pass on my cards and contact details for later contact and hopefully a commission. But then I suppose if you are selling smaller, cheaper items the story might be different?

Now I very much trade at trade shows that are trade entirely and reenact at reenactment events and keep the two pieces of the pie separate allowing me to concentrate on what needs doing when.

Hope this helps :)

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Re: Has trading spoiled your reenacting?

Post by Cap-a-pie »

Well rather than spoiled, its more a case of change of direction for us. It's meant I've got more involved in the research aspects which has given me greater access to things and other people than I perhaps would have had. I'm also tending to do various demo's either alongside the trading or as a separate thing in itself, I'm still involved with a couple of groups but very much a case of attending when time permits. In addition, I'm also getting offers to take part in other areas of re enactment. So all in all not really, just changed focus and opened up a few more avenues. I just need more time to do it all :lol: Hope that helps.
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