A Standard for Terms and Conditions.

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A Standard for Terms and Conditions.

Postby Neibelungen » Mon Mar 20, 2006 10:47 pm

I thought I'd leave this one open for discussion and see what people think are, or should be a good standard for basing a set of terms and conditions on.

Personally I hate pages of legalese and obscure latin covering an attempt to evade any responsibility for my own screw-ups and copping to pleading guilty. Though I guess I have times when I sure wish I had.

These are mine, as I started it. It might not be entirely legally enforcable, though a soliciter friend did go through it and didn't wince too much :shock:

1. Work will be scheduled for production on return of signed order, subject to available time. Orders should be completed within 6-8 weeks of scheduled start date.

2. A deposit is required with the order as conformation.

3. Deposits are refundable in the event of cancellation of the order less the value of work completed

4. Completed work will be handed to the client on receipt of full payment of the order. Unless otherwise specified payment is due within 7 days of delivery. Military Metalwork retains ownership of the goods until good value funds are received. Military Metalwork reserves the right to charge interest on overdue payments.

5. Where lace or other materials are manufactured to order by an outside party, Military Metalwork accepts no responsibility for losses caused by delays.

6. Delivery dates specified are approximate figures only and an allowance of 1 to 4 weeks should be allowed, unless a definitive time has been agreed in writing by both parties.

7. Material estimates are general figures only, and are subject to change due to supplier variation and availability.

8. The customer shall be responsible for any costs in preparing tooling to the specific requirements of the customer. Such tooling shall at all times remain the property of Military Metalwork.

9. Pattern masters supplied to Military Metalwork are accepted on the basis that the customer has legal right to issue such patterns. Military Metalwork accept no responsibility for infringement of such rights from those items, and the customer will indemnify Military Metalwork for any costs arising from any infringements of those rights.

10. Military Metalwork reserves the right to mark all product goods and other manufacturers thereof as appropriate with the Military Metalwork mark ( ) or additional as appropriate.

11. Military Metalwork retains all copyright and design rights of items of its production. The copying of Military Metalwork products without permission will be deemed an infringement of those rights and subject to legal action.

12. Military Metalwork reserves the right to charge for any drawings and/or design, research or sample work in the event of no order resulting and/or such items not being returned.

13. Other terms and conditions as negotiated in writing and agreed by both parties. Statutory rights under English law are not affected

15 September 2005 E&O E.

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Postby PaulMurphy » Tue Mar 28, 2006 11:38 am

Moved to the Traders forum as requested.

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