Helmet Suppliers on Ebay?

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Helmet Suppliers on Ebay?

Post by oliv897 »

Hey peeps!

My group told me about a shop on Ebay where I could purchase a good Viking/Saxon Helmet for around £30 but for the love of me I cannot remember its name, does anyone else here know the name of this shop?

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Re: Helmet Suppliers on Ebay?

Post by Kajte »

There are probably many shops on ebay, selling helmets of varying quality.

If your group have specifically recommended a seller, it would probably be best to get in touch with someone from your group to ensure your purchase meets the saftey standards required by your group.

Not worth risking your head for the sake of saving a few quid.

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Re: Helmet Suppliers on Ebay?

Post by Mark Griffin »

good Viking/Saxon Helmet for around £30
I'd be very surprised if such a thing existed! Depends on your definition of good of course.
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Re: Helmet Suppliers on Ebay?

Post by Bad Viking »

these are the cheap as chips chappy's

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Re: Helmet Suppliers on Ebay?

Post by Sir_John_Thomas »

Planet trading are also on Ebay, maybe thats who you are looking for matey, some are not too authentic, and some are very good, just keep your eyes open though cus most are only 18 gauge thick. This maybe ok for you group though, most Vike I know don't do head hits, so an 18g should be alright to ward of the rare misplaced blow so long as you have padding under it.

Always check with you group though as regards safety minimum thickness for helmets, and authenticity.
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