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Pete the Pong
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NMTF letter

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A letter has been sent from Head Office to all NMTF Historic Traders stating that there was a "suggestion" earlier this year that "certain commodities" would not be insured. This is a diplomatic understatement and at one point this change was the ongoing policy of the insurers, not just a suggestion. And those "certain commodities" not to be covered were specifically anything that could be classed as "weaponry". One person was in fact refused renewal of her membership because of this. :cry: .
Errr... we are Historic Traders. Our chairman is an armourer. There's no point in playing word games, a high proportion of the membership sell weapons.
As I reported to the AGM on Saturday, this problem started in March -but as the letter from John Perriton very clearly states, over the last week or two this has now been finally resolved. The insurers and their underwriters have seen sense and backed down.
So..... Don't Panic. Keep Calm and Carry On!!!! :thumbup:
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Re: NMTF letter

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Awesome, cheers Pete!

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