how much stock do you take to fairs?

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how much stock do you take to fairs?

Post by PoD »

I am looking at starting trading at the fairs next year and I was wondering how much stock do you take to fares? I do a range of baldrics and sword belts along with replicas of historical documents and charts. How many of each item is it best to take?
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J.Watson / Anmod Dracan
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Re: how much stock do you take to fairs?

Post by J.Watson / Anmod Dracan »

Trust me ... no matter how many markets you do you will never have enough
of one thing but always too many of another!

No 2 markets are the same and the same market the next year will have a
completely different ratio!


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Re: how much stock do you take to fairs?

Post by sally »

I always take pretty much everything I have in stock even if its for a show where some of my stock will be for the 'wrong' period. That part goes under the table out the way, because if I don't have it, you can guarentee that someone in, lets say, Iron Age costume will come up and ask if I have any 17thC hats for a show they are doing the next weekend, its just one of those things.

Graham Cooley
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Re: how much stock do you take to fairs?

Post by Graham Cooley »

Every fayre is different. We sell pewter which tends to be high value luxury (ie non esential) items. As a result we have limited spare stock with us as we are unlikely to sell several of anything. We also get very few orders as most people seem to like to walk away with stuff from us.

This weekend we are at Peterborough so lots of public, as a result we will take lots of giftware under £20. Large stuff will be to attract people in as we don't expect to sell any expensive stuff.

You will get to know your market but generally try to take as wide a range as possible with not too many spares of one thing.

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Pete the Pong
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Re: how much stock do you take to fairs?

Post by Pete the Pong »

As much as you can!
It's very important visually at the end of an event to still have a decent display, and it's usually good to have a few high status items that you don't think will sell, simply because people look at them, say that's very nice but I can't afford it -then buy a cheaper item on which you make a better profit!!!!
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Re: how much stock do you take to fairs?

Post by Cap-a-pie »

Pretty much the same here also, I did start to limit what I took in terms of the period of event but soon figured it made no sense. Take Tewkesbury last year, I sold a significant amount of early period style maille, thankfully a last minute decision to load in the van. This year I have made lots more maille and leather standards specifically for Tewkesbury, what's the betting I will not sell a single one LOL.

Certainly if I have room it comes with me as you can pretty much guarantee if I don't, someone will want it.
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