Traders at delapre

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Traders at delapre

Post by plantychrisb »

I would like to take this opportunity to heap loads of praise and thanks to those traders who attended this new event atsuch short notice and just one week before Tewkesbury. Not only were they prepared to take the risk of little profit at an untried event, they traded with humour and professionalism, but were , as one, effusive intheir support for what could have been a very unprofitable choice.
So often our trading partners fail to get a mention when topics of events are aired on thus forum. To us at Plantagenet Events the are an essential ingredient in the make- up of our events - so thank you to Chapter and Verse, Pan's Pantry, the Pagan Sanctuary, Noctule, Deadly Glamour, and Time Warrior for their invaluable and continued support. Here's to next year!


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Re: Traders at delapre

Post by Fairfax »

No, Thanks to the organisers, as without you, us traders would not be in business, I,(Chapter & Verse) had a fabulous time, sold lots of lovely books, was able to relax a little and chat to some of the customers which is also good for business as quite often; if I don't have a particular book on the stall, I have it in stock, plus, I have secured to book clearances from members of the public that are moving or have books they want to clear etc. so even if a trader does not make a huge profit on the day, there is Network selling which is always good for business. But just to sit in the sun with good friends, in such beautiful surroundings is always a bit of a treat and doesn't feel like real work. I will definitley want to do this one again next year, so thanks to you again, fab.!

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Re: Traders at delapre

Post by Gealwyne »

No worries Chris it was fun if not a little breezy!! Well done to you and the team for making a success out of a pigs ear and we will be with you next year as promised. See you at Berkley!!

Ed & Liz

The Pagan Sanctuary

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Re: Traders at delapre

Post by Pete the Pong »

Great site, and as always a pleasure to work with Plantagenet Events. And with a little more notice looks like being a great event in the future.
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Re: Traders at delapre

Post by medievalpirate »

Her Ladyship enjoyed herself, and will look forward to next years event.
Could do with a few more punters and traders, but not bad for a new
event with such sort notice.*

*No make that Bloody Good.

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