Snailwell Medieval Fayre

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Snailwell Medieval Fayre

Post by sharon »


Thanks to everyone that attended & sopported my event last weekend!
I have decided to go ahead with the Snailwell Medieval Fayre again next year on the 7th - 8th May, sticking to my usual slot of the 2nd weekend in May.
I have heard that there is a possibility of another event (re-enactor's market) happening that weekend and wondered how many traders would be likely to be attending this other event instead of Snailwell.


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Re: Snailwell Medieval Fayre

Post by Drachelis »

We will be going to the Carlisle market it was very good this year

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Re: Snailwell Medieval Fayre

Post by Maureen »

Snailwell will do me just fine - and has the advantage for me of having friends and relatives just a few minutes drive away that I can stay with for a night or two either side of the show. I enjoyes the show last year, and again this year in spite of the rain, so barring any untoward happenings next May I'll hopefully be turning up again.

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Pete the Pong
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Re: Snailwell Medieval Fayre

Post by Pete the Pong »

Yes, thanks for organising Snailwell. OK the weather was a problem on Saturday -but (unless you have personally offended one of the Gods or Goddesses) not your fault. Although I gather Carlisle was a good show, it's a very long way for me to go whereas Snailwell is just down the road! Obviously a lot can change in a year (tell me!!!!!) but the balance of probability is that I will prefer to stay local.
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Re: Snailwell Medieval Fayre

Post by Ems-world »

I'm fairly certain we will be supporting snailwell again next year also

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Re: Snailwell Medieval Fayre

Post by gingham chicken »

I would love to do Snailwell again next year. Thanks to the organisers for this year.

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