split hoes and braies

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split hoes and braies

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Hi there i have just started making split hoes and braies with pure wool and authentic materials, everything is hand sewn with no machine used at all. i also am making early norman/saxon shoes also hand made and hand stiched. im just curious what people would call a good price to charge as im new to this market. i will also be making norman/ plantagenat tunics soon.

many thanks for any advice

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Re: split hoes and braies

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many costumers (not all) have price lists on their websites.

as I'm sure you're not looking to be spoon fed (i.e. for others to do your market research work for you), you can find them through call to arms or histrenact.

better, however, to work out your price yourself without reference to what anybody else charges - means you end up with a fairer price, and don't end up under / overcharging.
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