The most peculiar job I've ever done is...

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When I was the administrator of Peckforton Castle Live Role Playing Venue I was the "monster" voice on the telephone answering machine. You know the sort of thing-

"There's no one here but us monsters at the moment. If you want to speak to a real live person leave a message after the eeeeek".

Its amazing how many silent messages we got just to hear the message!!
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A couple of years ago I used to work for the company that made MimeSweeper (I think, it was something like that). It was security software for the PC. Part of its job was restricting web access.

Therefore at release time part of my job was to browse for porn.
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I made 18th century costumes for 2 wolves and some dogs for a film ("Company of Wolves"). It was a major disaster as far as I was concerned.

OMFG THAT FILM WAS IMMENSE!!! Ok so many people think it wer crap but i loved it. I Especially marvelled at the beautiful costumes, so i bow my head to you Shadowcat.

Ok so with my age n all i ain't done a great deal of jobs, apart form Planty Events, however a couple of years back me n the rents helped with a theatre production in London. For one scene they needed the "pixies" to throw snow-balls at one another and sprinkle "snow" over the audience.
Thus arose my job of Designated Snow Captain...yep i had to spend half an hour every evening making paper "snow-balls". I'm still finding snow paper in my posh medieval dress :lol:


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Whilst I am giggling at some of the jobs - if this was on any other forum, we would only need to say what we did in re-enactment and they would all be totally gobsmacked.

Umm, I dressed in late Victorian authentic clothes and stood in a muddy field directing traffic. Sounds not at all odd.

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hmm the first that comes to mind is producing 50 dead horses for Kingdom of Heaven. They don't half take up some space!


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My mate painted up the Roman Shields on Gladiator..
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Shields urgh, film work led to work on far to many! over 1300 of the buggers on troy!

Those Gladiator shield were quite nice, cardboard core made them nice and light but the still had a nice feel.


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I was a rotary washing-line rivetter, and I was one of the voices ('educated southern female') that were used for the first voice recognition software. Paid well, just to sit there and read words out loud into a 'puter. You get biscuits and everything.
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I used to deliver flowers in one of the roughest housing estates in Glasgow :lol:
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I did a stint getting lightly toasted by pyros whilst operating a followspot every night for Rammstein. (Then again, my daughter counts that as one of my coolest jobs!)
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Yeah, that counts as cool. :D :D :D Then again, many of the strangest jobs on this thread count as cool and interesting too.
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Bum wiper for kids and adults.
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