Looking for some stall space - Joust

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mac (crucesignati)

Looking for some stall space - Joust

Post by mac (crucesignati) »

Can any trader accomodate a small number of pictures for sale - I didn't get a stall request in. If anyone can accomodate for a percentage of sales I'd be grateful. Please PM

Martin Cowley

Post by Martin Cowley »

hope you have some luck m8, but be very careful, the "organisors" would probably not be impressed if they thought someone was trading from a stall with out their knowledge, they are proper "business" men ( not in the good sense either) they try and screw every penny out of you thay can.

Mrs. Babyjuice
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Post by Mrs. Babyjuice »

You might find some stall space, but it may well be under several inches of water by now!

On the application form it says, basically, no sub-letting or selling stuff not on your list or the offending items will be removed...so, along with the stall holder be very aware. As Martin said, it is run by business men... a commercial event.

Good luck.
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Post by seamsmistress »

All things considered, I think that you had a lucky escape if your were unable to find anyone to help. Best case scenario is your stock would be safely in someone's car/van. Worst case - floating........

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