Alternative to water in LH camps

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Water in towns tends to be a different kettle of fish and other things... water from a fesh source with little human faecal contamination would be perfectly safe then as now. (I trained as a microbiologist in the dim and distant past). However, I also learend a thing or two about Commercial Microbiology or wine and beer making as it is less formally known. I have made a fast (= expensive and wasteful) small beer of the two day variety and took the result to Tutbury. The recipe I used described the taste as "like the smell of new baked bread" and that is precisely what it was. Served cold it was amazingly refreshing and the batch disappeared in no time at all. The interesting thing about it for this thread was the appearance - it did not come out looking at all ike beer. It looked very like cloudy lemonade. The quick extract did not leech out a lot of colour. We are hoping to persuade a brewer to let us have the occasional batch of spent wort to try to make a small beer with so we will let you know how that turns out.

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ginger beer shandy for me

one part ginger beer (preferably old jamaica) to one part cobra-zero (non alchi lager), when mixed, looks like pale cloudy beery s**t , tastes amazing :shock: :twisted: well it works for me :D
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A good beer looky-likey is ready-made iced tea - comes in cans and bottles, and is very refreshing. Liptonice is one brand I recall.

Funnily enough, red grape juice double neatly for wine, and smells and looks right too. I think elderflower cordial is a pretty ancient drink. Certainly recipes from the C16th.
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That redymade iced tea is very refreshing.

I think every group should have a resident arab, so we can all have coffee though :lol: Nice real coffee... Dancing goat or some such...mmmm :twisted: :D :lol: 8) :wink:

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PotBoy wrote:If you're at a 2 day event you can make a "small beer" ready for the second day. Soak 500g of pale malt and half a handful of dark malt in about 1 gallon of hot water for 1 1/2 hours. Strain and pour warm water over the grains until the liquid is running almost clear. Cool and add yeast and it will be ready the next day. If your period is in the time when hops were about boil for about an hour with a small handful of hops top up to about a gallon and a half. When cool, add yeast and it will ferment overnight and be ready the next day. Alcohol content will be about 1%.

If you have hops it's beer, if you don't it's ale.

Certainly, during the 17thC, small beer was the third mash using the same ingredients. First mash - up to 11% ABV, second mash - up to 7% ABV and third mash was about 1-2% ABV.

The only query I have is - documentation leads us to believe that everyone drank beer because the water was so foul it had to be boiled to make it safe. However, I have read documentary evidence where the 3rd mash was done with cold water !!!!!

The above is quite simplified but if anyone wants any more information please drop me a pm and I'll give you all the info I can. My period is ECW but I have information on other periods too.
Hi PotBoy - I tried to PM you, but it gets stuck in my outbox ...

I found your contribution to the thread really fascinating. We've been trying to find a way of incorporating a Brewster into our 14th century encampment for a while now, and really had written it off as being too lengthy a process, and not one that could be started at home and finished in front of the public, due to disturbing the process. If this can be done as you say, I think that would be brilliant!

Can you give me any more information? As we're a medieval group, we'd be hop-less (and possibly hopeless, but I'm willing to risk it!), so we'd be making beer.

I was thinking, if at a weekend event, we could start the process on the Friday night, and repeat it during the Saturday. How can we control the fermentation process, so it doesn't become too strong? What would be the best way to filter the yeast out? Is there any particular yeast you'd recommend? How do we test the OG?

Got plenty more questions - hope you can help!!!


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