New business idea, opinions please

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Martin Cowley

New business idea, opinions please

Post by Martin Cowley »

I have just had an idea i would like to air here for opinions,ideas or contructive critism Razz .
Myself and mark are setting up another business to run alonside the present one,it wont be a major earner just a lil sideline to help out.
Imagine a party like Ann summers / tupperware but instead of plastic box's and food storage containers you would turn up at the house and there would be 7 varietys of cheese from smoked chilli to organic welsh camambert,corrosponding wines and a selection of hand made salted meats ,pate etc that all complimented each other,then let the tasting begin,munch munch munch sip,gurgle etc now would anyone like to purchase on the spot the foodstuffs they had tried,whilst letting the wine and conversation loosen their wallets Twisted Evil
All we need is a licence which mark is looking into and stock,which we have.
Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted Very Happy
Also the prices would be very reasonable,some of the cheeses we are selling are cheaper than the same brand in some supermarkets so it would not be to expensive

Rampant Wolf

Post by Rampant Wolf »

Good idea -Sister Beth says can she have a portion of meat and two veg or a garlic flavoured(rampant)Rabbit [ not really sure what she meant now :oops: ] maybe SHE IS confusing it with an Ann Summers party

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Post by craig1459 »

Martin's Cheese and Wine parties - how very civilised. What's gone wrong? :lol:

No - sounds like a great idea
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Martin Cowley

Post by Martin Cowley »

we reckon it will work,we are also working on an idea i had last year , pre ordered xmas hampers which will contain
nuts n fruit
nice home made biccys
with many other lush things and ABSOLUTLY NO TINNED FRUIT,SPAM etc.
just not done it before so not sure how to go about it LOL :D

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david smith
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Post by david smith »


Sounds good, but why would you need a license, you're not selling the wine?

After all, you are not trying to get folk so p*ssed they can't drive, you are looking at maybe two / three glasses. Any more than that and you're throwing any potential profits down peeps' throats.

So a bottle per three guests, after that the host can get the corkscrew out, after all it's their party :lol:

Also, on private premises, no money changing hands in regards the wine, can't see how you'd need a license.

Best wishes

Martin Cowley

Post by Martin Cowley »

No m8 we would be selling the wine that would be the point i dont want to be a barman lol

Mrs. Babyjuice
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Post by Mrs. Babyjuice »

There's already a couple of enterprises doing similar with gourmet-deli type food and wines. I don't know who or where they are though so it may be worth checking out the competition - if you haven't done so already. Mind you, you could have the niche on jerky-related products going down this particular route. Go for it, you never know...
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Post by Scraggles »

pity u cant offer your entire stock at the parties, than just a few cheeses ?

some people might h8 cheese, but love meat and the fact u sell jerky....

licence might only be needed if selling the wine, which itself might be for sale if you get a decent supplier

might be a sideline, but over winter something like this could be very profitable if done the right way :twisted:

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steve stanley
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Post by steve stanley »

Sounds a damn good idea to me....grand tour of reenactors houses,and you get to make a profit!!
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Post by Bittersweet »

I know there is a franchise, or something similar, whereby people do this with chocolates. They have 'events' for groups like Brownies/Guides, WI, etc. I don't advocate selling wine to underage bodies but there are other groups, and or parents of, who may be interested.

It seems to work out as a fundraiser for the group and a profit for the trader. Bonus for the trader also being reaching a wider market (advertising).
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Post by gregory23b »

Sounds liek the old tupperware thing, so we could be seeing "jerkyware"
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Post by Bittersweet »

How about "jerkyfest"? or is that all too 'passee' nowadays?
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Brother Tuck
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Post by Brother Tuck »


bought some of your jack daniels teryaki, not bad but still needs work i think
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Martin Cowley

Post by Martin Cowley »

in what way ? :) though being the one that sells out first each time i may not change it though,but what would you suggest?

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Norbury's Wench
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Post by Norbury's Wench »


Had some of your jack daniels teryaki at Cosmeston and thought it was one of the nicest things I have ever tasted! Fantastic!

I think your business idea is really good, there are partys for everything now a days. Maybe if you have some trusty friends in different parts of the UK, once you have it established, they could do parties and sell hampers for you. With the hampers, if your friends contacted big companies where they live, in my area for example JCB, Britiannia, SM District Council, you could pick up some orders as people are always looking for different ideas for pressie and once they tasted it, they'd be hook!

Just a thought.......... :D
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Ace Rimmer
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Post by Ace Rimmer »

Bittersweet wrote:I know there is a franchise, or something similar, whereby people do this with chocolates. They have 'events' for groups like Brownies/Guides, WI, etc.
That would be Chocoholics, the group who do that, well they used to, dont know if they still do.

Also, there is Hotel Chocolat, who have a "chocolate tasting club", where you pay by direct debit for a box of chocolates every month, or every quarter, for a selection of new chocolates, plus you can buy the ones you like from them.

I think it sounds like a cracking idea, jerkyware parties :D

If you get the alcohol license, why not do mead? It's not something I can say I'd ever had before meeting re-enactor's. I know the link was cheese and wine party style, but if it's only for tasting, I dont think the mead would interfere as you'd be getting a sweet/savoury contrast between the cheese and mead.

thats my 2p anyway :)
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Post by Abigail »

I know this is a bit late as a reply Martin, but if you are still looking into this, I do the same thing but with skincare and makeup. People love that fact that I go to their houses and they get to try before they buy rather than just ordering blind from a catalogue or website. The company I work with are members of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), you might want to check their site, for more info. Hope that helps!

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