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Food of the the Prehistoric Celts

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2006 11:04 am
by David Freeman
Please respect the © P J Reynolds ... 0CELTS.pdf


Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2006 3:58 pm
by Mary Craig
Thanks for the link, much appreciated. Interesting details about querns and their use. I can't manage 2kilos of flour in quarter of an hour using a modern hand grinder!

Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2006 11:41 pm
by Cat
Got to your avatar actually you, David?


Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2006 7:19 am
by David Freeman
Yes, it certainly is!


Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2006 5:44 pm
by Cat
Blimey! You look the part. Nice one!

Out of interest, do your group do L/H? Until a couple of years ago I was member of an iron-age group, and we did a lot of experimental cooking. Is this your period, or are you earlier?

(Walks away reminiscing about semi-fermented blackberries with honey, oatcakes and 'Roman Pear Pudding'.)