Flavoured vodkas

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Another simply AMAZING recipe involves a bottle of brandy, two cups of blueberries and a quarter inch of cinnamon stick. Mush up the berries, add half a cup of sugar, dump everything in a large mason jar, leave in a sunny window about 4 months...tastes MUCH better than the original cheap alcohol.

Also raspberry (at least, i THINK they were raspberries i picked) vodka - 2 cups raspberries, one cup sugar, squish berries, add sugar, dump in jar with vodka, leave 4 months, et cetera (STRAIN the stuff before you try to drink it)
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The blueberry one sounds good, will have to try that.

Reminded me of one that Andrea does, which involves dumping a whole cinnamon stick into a whole bottle of vodka, leave 2 days, drink. It's very warming, and doesn't need sweetening.

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Unless I missed it - Jelly Baby Vodka - if you load it with enough jelly baby you get jelly baby flavoured vodka with vodka flavoured jelly at the bottom....

Easy mulled vodka - contents of one Tescos finest mulled wine doobry emptied out of muslin into vodka - stand 1/2 hour - pour into jug through teastrainer lined with muslin, add honey to taste

Curry vodka - buy fresh curry herbs & spices chop up fine & steep for a week in the fridge then strain

Haribo sour vodka doesn't work
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